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(Piedmont Region - Province of Turin)

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GUIDE: Quotation on request
(Individuals, Adult groups, School groups, Business Companies/Travelers, Public Institutions, CRAL Associations)

The rates charged are in line with local market standards.
Of particular good value are the Half Day (up to 4-6 h.) and Full Day rates (up to 8-10 h.) for those who want or have planned several visits during the same day (e.g: 1 city tour + 1 museum / 1 city Tour + 1 royal palace + 1 museum) or on several days.

Result: the value of the average hourly cost decreases, and the Client can rely on the non-stop assistance of the guide.


Tour Manager/Leader: Quotation on request
(travel catalogue, travel incentive, airport & rail assistance and transfer).)



Rates do not include the cost of admission tickets to museums, residences, castles, abbeys, exhibitions ...
The rate guide is exempt  of VAT and fees higher  than € 77.47 are subject to a stamp duty of € 2,00.

PENALTIES FOR CANCELLATION: 15 to 8 days before: 50%; from 7 to 4 days before: 80%; less than 3 days: 100%.

GUIDED TOURS ( very important ! )
- In museums, residences, castles, abbeys, exhibitions ... a maximum of 25 participants per group are normally allowed. Therefore, with larger numbers (> 25 pax) it will be necessary to use additional guides, that I can personally provide.
- Externally (e.g: city tour on foot and / or coach) the number of participants per guide is max 53-54 pax / group. In this case, since the guide price is calculated on the basis of 25 people, we must consider an additional cost per participant, starting from the 26th.

- To take advantage of any discount / free admission (museums, exhibitions, residences, etc ...) on the basis of age, possession of a Museum Card, Torino + Piemonte Card, you must report and show proof of your personal situation and / or ownership and validity of the above"cards", well in advance.

The rate should be considered net of VAT and taxes ; any ancillary costs are the responsibility of the Client.
If the starting point of the tour involves leaving home the previous day, or if the return will be after  24.00 on the last day of the mission, you will have to calculate a compensation equal to the fees of the entire day.
Any transfer fees apply to the Client, including those to reach the meeting point, or to return, if the visits begin or end outside the City of Turin.
PENALTIES FOR CANCELLATION: 50% within 15 days, 100% within 8 days .



Salvatore LICATA
Tour Guide and Tour Leader, full licensed by the Piedmon Region - Province of Turin
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